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Peter and Tiffany: one transition, two perspectives, in our November Virtual Coffee and Connect

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When Peter Henry transitioned from his role as a Police Officer into working in private enterprise, the change affected both himself and his partner, Tiff.

Pete is a former Police Officer in both Australia and the UK. He began his career working in Counter Terrorism, working across both UK Domestic and International Operations. During his career he led teams of investigators securing multiple convictions in Financial and Drug related crimes in both the Metropolitan Police and the WA Police Force. He was recognised for bravery during the 2011 London Riots as a Police Medic and in 2018 with the WA Police Commissioners Cross for Bravery.

Pete is now a Senior Account Executive with Altia, a Pledge Partner in Fortem’s Transition & Employment Program.

His experience with transitioning from police service to a new career path has taught Pete that first responders hold many skills that can be transferred to a range of settings.

“It’s important for first responders to have the knowledge and trust in the skillset that you have, which companies in the private sector really appreciate and need,” he says. “Fortem is such a brilliant partner to have, to help you know what your skills are and how other companies can use them.”

Pete’s partner, Tiff, currently serving with the WA Police Force, shared some insights about how she supported his transition.

Tiff says it was important for her to understand Pete’s reasons for wanting to leave service, and to plan together for the future. Ultimately, she wanted him to continue his working life doing what he loved. “If you’re not happy going to work every day, then you’re not doing what you’re meant to be doing,” she says. “We all want to get up and feel that sense of purpose.”

Watch our November Coffee and Connect event for more:

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