4 ways to keep a diary during the pandemic – and beyond

Keeping a diary isn’t all words on a page – but whatever form it takes, recording our days is more popular than ever this year. 

Experts at RMIT University say there’s been a resurgence of people keeping diaries, inspired by living in such unprecedented times. They believe it’s partly because we want to get our thoughts out, partly to share with others, and partly to write our own versions of history. 

With a keen sense that we’re living through a time that will be of interest to the next generations, keeping a record of what it’s really like is something lots of us are doing. 

But while diaries can be a matter of putting pen to paper, and pouring our hearts out, there are lots of other ways to do it. 

Share on social media 

Your Facebook post, Instagram picture and your latest tweet are all pieces of a modern diary. 

These days we love to share our views and experiences with others online, and we enjoy seeing those of others around the world too. 

Take photos of the small moments 

A photo of your morning walk, selfies taken while wearing masks, photos of the kids during home learning, a first responder taking some snaps while driving home (but safely parked before taking photos, of course!) through Melbourne after the evening curfew during lockdown – photos are a powerful way of recording life as it is. 

Keep a gratitude diary 

Gratitude has been proven to make us feel happier and more connected with the people around us. It also improves our health and makes us feel more able to deal with challenges. 

Many people now incorporate a gratitude reflection into their day, writing down three things they’re grateful for each evening. Finding the small things you feel grateful for during a time of such restriction is a really powerful tool for your mental fitness. 

Notes on your little patch of the world 

Keeping little notes on day-to-day life might seem uninteresting, but one day they’ll be pieces of history gold. After all, the facts of history are being recorded by the newspapers and researchers, but the insights to what life was really like are going to be the subject of future generations’ homework. 

Write down notes or keep little video diaries a couple of times a week, about what it’s like at work or at home. 

Who knows? If you enjoy keeping some form of a diary during the pandemic, it might become a healthy habit you stick to afterwards.