A beautiful afternoon to make scented candles | Illawarra Region Activity Wrap Up

At the end of March Fortem Australia hosted a candle making workshop in the Illawarra region, with first responder families coming along to enjoy an afternoon of candle making with family and friends. It was an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends, learning some new skills, and also a chance to be mindful as our participants focused on the task at hand and took in the beauty of their surroundings. Let’s hear from Alison about the experience.

“The afternoon started with everyone arriving at the beautiful farm in Gerringong, just south of Wollongong. The workshop was held in a charming barn located amongst the dairy farms, facilitated by Caroline of Willowvale Road. Caroline and I greeted everyone as they arrived, and directed them to the light refreshments before we got started with our safety instructions.

We all sat around the table, which gave us an opportunity to get to know one another. Caroline gave us an in-depth safety brief and instructions on how to use the wax, wick’s, fragrances, as well as tips and tricks, plus safety and care guide information on how to burn candles and use diffusers.

After the brief, we were able to choose our fragrances, to make 3 candles and 1 reed diffuser. There were so many scents to choose from including floral, fruity, citrus, food scents like chocolate fudge and vanilla, as well as perfume smells. Once we had chosen our fragrance, we placed the wick in the jar, weighed the wax and scent, then mixed and poured.

This was then followed by a delicious afternoon tea, which was catered from local suppliers in Gerringong and Berry.

We all took home creations, and a detailed booklet so we can make our own candles at home. Everyone was so thankful for Fortem Australia organising the activity and were so happy to connect with other emergency service members. A very special thank you to Caroline for being so welcoming and accommodating, your workshop was beautiful and we learnt so much.”

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