A jam-packed World Mental Health Day for first responder families

To mark World Mental Health Day, we held a range of wellbeing activities in various locations over the weekend. Take a look at what our first responder families got up to:

Whale watching from Eden

As first responder families gathered, the children pondered whether they’d see whales, dolphins, seals or mermaids during the day.

It didn’t take long before the group saw two whales: a beautiful mother and baby cruising along the coast. The baby launched out of the water again and again and again. The group took the chance to learn some new terminology –  as it turned out, the baby was practising a new skill called a ‘head lunge.’

Family beach day on the Gold Coast

First responder families learnt how to stand-up-paddleboard (SUP) and kayak – new skills for all involved – and had a great time paddling around, having some spectacular falls, and making new friendships.

All the action was followed up by a barbecue lunch on the sand, where one of the kids said they loved being on the water so much that could they get a SUP for Christmas (pretty please)?

Beach picnic in Port Macquarie

A fun day had on the beach, both in the water and on land for a picnic morning tea. The kids in particular told us they had an incredibly fun day.

Walking the Centenary Trail in Canberra

The group enjoyed a 9 kilometre walk along a section of the Centenary Trail, followed by a well-deserved breakfast and coffee.

The highlight was a huge falcon flying overhead – a brilliant sight to behold!

The Centenary Trail walk happens every month for first responder families.

Archery family day in Canberra

What do 21 first responder family members do when they want to have a fun weekend? They include a Fortem activity, of course!

The archery hit the target (we couldn’t resist a pun, sorry), with everyone having a great time improving their aim, being active, and building friendships.

Learning to surf in Illawarra

After a lesson on the sand, the group braved the cold water for some successful attempts at standing up on surfboards and riding waves.

The day’s finale was a set of delicious grazing boxes packed full of deli meats, dips, fruit, nuts, cheeses and more.

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