A sweet wellbeing activity for first responder families!

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Imagine if you had the chance to decorate them and eat them whilst making new friends. Fortem brought together a group of first responders families to participate in a cupcake decorating activity to do just that! It was an excellent opportunity to spend some time together, learning new skills, and connecting with other first responder families too. Sweet!

It was a great afternoon to come together at The Gordon Community Centre in Canberra. Not only was there was plenty of space for all the children to be stationed at tables, but there was also a playground that they were able to play at before starting the cupcake decorating.

Four tables were set up for four different designs of cupcakes the children had to follow. The children were keen to get straight into doing the activity – with some who got experimental. A lot of artistic cupcakes were made including animal designs like a dog, pig, and even porcupine. They did get a bit messy, but the kids seemed to have enjoyed the mess making a lot!

Some of the parents joined in making them as well, helping not only their kids but also the other kids at the same table in piping the icing and putting on the toppings. Many of the kids have done this kind of activity with their parents before, so they were also able to help the other kids in decorating. For the kids who have not decorated any cupcakes before, they were able to learn the skill of piping icing on the top with the help of their parents or the other kids. Learning new skills helped some kids gain confidence, whilst for the kids helping others, it benefited their sense of purpose and self worth too. Everyone had a chance to make friends whilst making cupcakes!

Some parents who brought their older kids had the chance to just relax and chat with the other parents, connecting over the challenges that come with first responder life. Although the activity was just a simple one, the parents were just glad that their kids had fun in doing it.

“It helped me to get out of my comfort zone, it was a lovely opportunity to talk to other mums and for the children to socialise.”

After decorating the cupcakes, some kids quickly went to the playground to play. Others stayed inside and ate them – a boost of energy to then run outside to play with their new friends. One parent commented that her son is very shy with new people, however, he quickly made friends with the kids while playing.

“It was well planned, and the children loved it.”

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