AFP College Trivia Night – a winner!

A simple box of chocolates offered as a prize for the winning team ensured that competition was fierce (but friendly) between the teams of new recruits at the Australian Federal Police training college in Canberra, and the recent Fortem Australia trivia night. .

Hosted by Fortem Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Catherine Donnan, five teams of eight recruits had their ‘hands on the buzzer’.

The event featured two rounds of 15 questions in a high stakes game with sweet treats for the winners.   

Beyond getting the questions right, Catherine says it was the level of banter between teams throughout the night that pointed to success.  

“The chat being thrown about by the teams was actually making it quite difficult to mark – everyone was laughing so much,” Catherine says.

“It was a lot of fun, and from a wellbeing perspective there were a lot of the ingredients that we look for in a successful event – certainly the laughing and the banter made it clear that was some really good social connection was happening between the recruits.  

“There were quite a few questions in there that tested the bounds of our knowledge about all things police-themed, and in particular, our knowledge of 80s and 90s police movies.  

“So in addition to the social connection, we had a really good learning component – which is another of the Five Ways to Wellbeing that we base our activities on.  

“We were really impressed by the level of knowledge displayed by the recruits – a few history questions were pretty challenging – everyone had to think quite deeply.”  

Catherine says that the event was well-timed, as it coincided with an examination period for the recruits – making mental wellbeing even more important.  

“I had some really good feedback the day after the event – I was told that the college was abuzz with conversations, with the recruits were talking about how much fun they had,” Catherine says.

“I am looking forward to doing this activity again – it was really enjoyable for everyone involved.”  

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