An amazing activity for all the family! | West Gippsland Region Activity Wrap Up

On a recent wellbeing activity in February, first responder families experienced all the fun and puzzles of A Maze ‘n Things Fun Park at Phillip Island. It was a great way to be active, between meandering around the maze and playing mini golf, as well as low impact walking. This wellbeing activity was also a great way to work on being mindful, as our participants tried to solve the fun puzzles and challenges, requiring them to be completely in that moment. It was an excellent opportunity for our first responder families to spend time together, as well as make connections and socialise with other first responder families.

A favourite part of the fun park was the puzzles and optical illusions. It was also a great opportunity to develop family bonds as families helped each other with solving the puzzles. The jail puzzle required our participants to move through bars and locked gates, solving the challenge before moving on to the next section. One parent assisted her kids from outside the puzzle, giving all sorts of suggestions to her children on which lever to move, or wheel to spin, to escape.

A chance for their children to experience a magic show was also a chance for parents to enjoy the looks of wonder and joy on their faces. “The magic theatre was great, he was so good at interacting with the kids.”

The scary room elicited screams from many family members with exclamations of “That was really scary!” as they left.

The mini golf was a good opportunity for several families to connect with each other, and enjoy the sunshine as it came out. This bonus activity was a chance to develop their family bonds by sharing the frustration and fun, as well as encouraging each other with handy hints on how hard, and where to direct their putting. It was great to see families interacting as they waited their turn.

From the conversation and laughter on display, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day at the fun park. With a range of challenging activities suitable to all family members, our participants had fun interacting, with many positive connections occurring within families.

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