‘Be in the moment’: 3 small talk tips from our workshop

There’s nothing small about small talk. It’s what starts conversations, and many great friendships and relationships have started with a chat about the weather.

In this two-part virtual workshop, a number of first responder families learnt how to do small talk well.

Here are the top three tips they were given:

Tip 1: When you’re not sure what to say, ask about the other person.

Some great questions to ask include: ‘What are some activities you’re involved in?’ or ‘What did you start out doing?’.

One of our participants shared that her six-year-old daughter is a master of small talk, often asking people, ‘What makes you happy?’

Tip 2: Silence is okay

It’s perfectly okay to have a pause in a conversation. It probably just means you’re both thinking about what to say or what you’d like to ask the other person. The conversation will soon continue.

Tip 3: Be in the moment

When you’re in the moment, you can have a great conversation that starts with small talk. Start with making eye contact, a smile, and asking the person’s name. Then you can pay attention to what they’re saying and ask questions based on the things they’ve told you.

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