Beyond Duty summit offers space and clear air in the midst of COVID life pressures

I am so excited and proud to be part of the team working on the Beyond Duty summit and I am grateful for the silver lining COVID delivers. What was to be an in-person summit in Sydney now has global interest and participation – moving to a virtual format has expanded the reach of what was intended and the potential of what will follow.

Beyond Duty – what is the big picture in first responder wellbeing? as a summit, works hard to build greater mental health literacy with the hope of making a considerable impression on the first responder community; while at its core, honouring the humans that make the emergency service, first responder and national security machines function.

The theme of the day is three-fold:

1) Life beyond the uniform for personnel and how they may better invest in cultivating health-seeking and health-maintaining practices.

2) It intends to shine a spotlight on the world of first responder family units- giving voice to the reciprocal impact of the job and the family, and how both agency and family can implement informed change.

3) We look to incorporate a discussion on aspects of life, identity and wellbeing when transitioning or once transitioned.

If you do not have time to attend live, please still register, its free, and you will get first access to the content that follows. We all have busier and busier lives, especially right now, but I urge you to register and see where this might be able to fit into your life. It might just give you the clear air and space you need in the midst of lockdown and COVID life pressures. The action of “finding space” may be one of the very first steps you take in acknowledging your own self beyond duty, whether it is duty to your community, agency, or family unit.

Perhaps another COVID silver lining?

I am also thrilled that KPMG will be supporting the day, adding a touch of distinctiveness with the messages we capture. Phil and Ken, KPMG’s digital scribes will add an eye catching layer of learning for the day. Something that is best experienced rather than explained. So register now!

Apart from the conversation on the day, our aim is that each presentation will continue to have life beyond the summit.

The videos, articles and KMPG artworks that follow the experience will act as road maps and reminders for agencies and the community to adopt healthy and affirming wellbeing practices for first responders and their families.

Add your weight and voice to Beyond Duty – what is the big picture in first responder wellbeing? register now.

Words by Natasha Graham, Director of Programs at Fortem Australia.

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