Centenary Trail Walking Group – December | Canberra Activity Wrap Up

Today we walked about 9.5km from the National Arboretum Canberra to Mount Stromlo. A slightly smaller group this time as people had started travelling for Christmas, but this meant we kept up a good pace, finishing the walk in under 2 hours. We were a bit sore and ready for a coffee and croissant by the end!

Just near the finishing point there is an ACT Bushfire Memorial so we took some time to have a walk through this and reflect. One person commented that they recall it was their first week of police college during those fires.

This group of first responders and first responder partners have built some really supportive relationships with each other over the last few months. It is wonderful to see that these participants have connected beyond Fortem activities. New walkers are always welcome to join the group

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