Cooking class creates a sense of teamwork and togetherness

Before the cooking class began, chef and teacher Kelly gave an emotional welcome to the group, thanking these first responder families for everything they have done for our community.

It was then on to the menu: Thai fishcakes, Thai basil chicken, fried rice and mango sticky rice.

Each person was tasked with prepping particular ingredients, which were then distributed around the group. Even though everyone was cooking at their own stations, working together to prep the ingredients for each other created a real sense of teamwork and togetherness (and a challenge for the participant who was tasked with chopping loads of spring onions!).

As the participants chopped and sliced and diced, they shared travel tales – one couple had lived in Thailand for many years, and recounted that the most authentic food was the street food. Everyone laughed when they were told that they would follow the old lady that used to make the best laksa around the streets!

Afterwards, a few participants stayed behind for a chat, reflecting on a difficult year, and how positive it is now that they have opportunities to connect and create positive memories.

Participants took lots of food home to share with family, as well as new recipes and new skills to try with their loved ones.

Many of the participants have also registered for future cooking classes, and are excited to return.