Cooking together during lockdown

One of Melbourne’s favourite things to do during lockdown is learning to cook new foods. This weekend, we added to the repertoire of more than 20 families who learnt to cook a delicious Thai meal over Zoom.

With all the fresh ingredients delivered to each family’s doorstep, everyone was ready to cook alongside Chef Malcolm from Melbourne Thai restaurant and cooking school, BangPop.

Some of the families recognised each other from work and from other Fortem activities, giving each other a shout across the Zoom room, and making it a fun and interactive session.

With plenty of chats and laughs continuing along the way, everyone chopped, sliced, mixed and cooked their way to two brilliant dishes: Pad Thai and a Green Papaya Salad.

“It was so great and easy to follow along. I will definitely be cooking these recipes again!

Participant of the Thai cooking class

We can only imagine that there were some happy families sitting down at dinner tables around Melbourne after the Zoom lesson was over.