The icing on the cake! Cupcake Decorating Workshop | Illawarra Region Activity Wrap Up

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Decorating them with your own icing and lollies is next level. A cupcake decorating class was the perfect wellbeing activity for the school holidays. It was an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends, learn something new and eat something delicious. Let’s hear from Alison about the experience.

“Fortem Australia hosted and facilitated a Kids Cupcake Decorating Workshop at the Imaginarium Shellharbour Village. We had 18 children participate in the two workshops, with parents assisting alongside them.

In this activity, we covered two wellbeing pillars from Five Ways to Wellbeing, Connect and Keep Learning. Although I think we also covered a third, Help Others, with the parents helping the kids decorate the cupcakes, as well as the kids helping each other with different ideas. I’m also very thankful to the parents and children who helped with the cleanup!

The cupcake decorating workshop was a perfect introduction to the sweet side of the culinary arts, and who knows, maybe one day inspire some of the little ones to become professional bakers or chefs.

We ran two workshops throughout the day, with the icing, decorations, child-suitable equipment, apron and chef’s hat to decorate, all being provided. The kids decorated 6 vanilla cupcakes, which were supplied by a local bakery.

What makes a cupcake special is the decoration on top, we had so many amazing creations from bears, to frogs, unicorns, rainbows, monsters and more. Decorating the cupcake definitely became an art form, with their minds bursting with different ideas.

The children used their imagination to personally theme their cupcakes and took them home in a gift box, they also decorated.”

Some feedback from the kids on what they most enjoyed:

“I enjoyed making cupcakes and making animals and monsters.”


“Two words….cupcakes and lollies.”

“Being creative was fun and fun is cupcake making.”

Everyone was so thankful for Fortem Australia organising the activity and were so happy to connect with other emergency service members. A special thank you to Albion Park Cakes and Pies for supplying the cupcakes.

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