Do you want to build a snowman? | Canberra Region Activity Wrap Up

What better way to welcome in Winter than by coming out to Corin Forest to play in the snow! On one of the last days in Autumn, Fortem brought together a group of first responders and their families to participate in a day of tobogganing at Corin Forest. It was an excellent opportunity to spend some time together building snowpeople whilst building family bonds. Despite the cold, it was also great to be active, get outdoors, learn some new skills and connect with other first responder families too.

The view from the forest area was incredible, and other than a few cabin huts, the area was so pristine and natural we were in awe of the beauty around us. What felt like a world away high up in amongst the trees was only a 45-minute drive south of Canberra! The sun was shining but the weather was very cool, with temperatures of only 4 degrees to start the event off, luckily, we were dressed for warmth, not to impress!

‘Our very first time to the snow with our 2-year-old and it was freezing cold but we had so so so much fun there. I can’t wait to get back there, thanks so much Fortem for the experience to have some fun together as a family.’

With limited space on the tobogganing track, Fortem took over with families coming from all over Canberra (as well as one family who had made the trip all the way from Sydney!) to enjoy this family friendly morning to get out and about and tire the kids out. With some dressed ready to roll around in the snow and some just in jeans, we knew the day was going to bring around some funny moments and stories to remember and laugh at. It sure lived up to our expectations.

‘I didn’t know what to expect having never been to a Fortem event but we literally had a magical, unforgettable day. Well done to the Fortem team!’

With a mix of little kids up to teenagers, the chance to toboggan on the snow was too good to pass up. With snow flying in the faces of everyone roaring down there were lots of laughs, and sometimes tears from the little ones, everyone got to experience the magic of being on the snow and seeing who could go down the fastest. And what goes down must come up so there were lots of tired legs at the end of the day after walking to the top to slide down again!

Alongside the tobogganing track, the younger children were able to make their very own snowman. Olaf’s were a big hit, with carrots being used strategically as noses by very organised and thoughtful parents. This was also the area for snowball fights with family members! The day saw families engaging from all agencies with children being the conduit for discussion and laughter, and we were lucky enough to have 2 families who were brought together by the event after working together in different states for more than 20 years!

‘We had an amazing time, it was my first event with Fortem and I can’t wait to participate again. Today was a great environment for everyone to have a great time.’

Most of all, the day allowed first responders and their families to connect in an activity that was underpinned by the 5 ways to wellness, specifically allowing the participants to connect, learn a new skill, and be mindful and present in the activity.

‘We had a really great daddy daughter morning. Shannon was fantastic! We had to leave earlier than expected as my two year old was a bit tired and had enough of the snow and the Fortem team were super cool and understanding. It was a well organised, great morning. Thank you.’

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