A swell time kayaking at Byron Bay | Northern NSW Region Activity Wrap Up

Byron Bay, kayaks, sea turtles and facing challenges together! An exciting wellbeing activity was had on a Byron Bay Dolphin Kayak Tour with Go Sea Kayak for first responder families recently. A great opportunity to learn about the Aboriginal History of Byron Bay, as well as the wildlife that can be found in the bay, as families kayaked around the Byron Bay Headland for two hours. Followed by pizza lunch, it was an excellent way to develop family bonds and make connections with other first responder families. Let’s hear from Felicity, our Activities Officer in the Northern NSW region.

“Participants met at Clarke’s Beach in Byron Bay where they slipped on a lifejacket, slopped on some sunscreen and slapped on a helmet. The participants were then given a safety briefing and demonstration, teaching them how to kayak and more specifically how to kayak out past a surf break.

There was nervous laughter as the instructors told us that the swell was bigger than usual today “which should provide us with some good memories!” We then lined up and pair by pair ventured out past the break with the help of instructors. The most important part was to keep paddling even when it looked like you were about to get smashed by a wave.

After everyone made it out, we were then led on a tour of the headland spotting a turtle almost straight away! We learnt about the aboriginal history of the land, as well as abundance of wildlife that calls Byron Bay home. The swell was big and the further out, the bigger it got. I even got air time going over some waves. It sounds scary but there was not a frown in sight, everyone loved the adrenaline rush.

After a tour and plenty of turtle spotting, it was time to head back in. The nervous laughter started up again as the instructors explained how to catch the wave back in. Pair by pair we went in, screams of fear followed by yells of relief and success were all heard on the shore. Once we were all in, the weather was too good to not go in for a swim.

The day was then wrapped up with a pizza lunch at the park and a well deserved rest.”

“I haven’t been out in the surf for years, thank you Fortem for helping me face my fears!”

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