Bootcamp Group Fitness Training | Sydney

Unfortunately this activity is not going ahead. Please email activities@fortemaustralia.org.au to register your interest for future activities, or sign up to our monthly Fortem Connect newsletter to stay up to date with Fortem activities.


Let’s get fit together with bootcamp! The intention of the group classes is to develop team activities and group bonding. The group will work as a team to achieve the desired outcome for each training session. This class will help you to build mateship with your first responder community, while delivering the incredible, holistic benefits of regular physical exercise. You will have the opportunity to support one another to reach fitness goals, sharing in progress and achievements as a group. The dynamic of group fitness helps to increase motivation and accountability, and provides regular social contact.

Regular physical activity helps us to stay healthy physically and mentally. From lower blood pressure and stress levels, to better sleep and more energy throughout the day, regular exercise has been shown to improve mood, aid in weight management, increase immune function and mental clarity. It also helps to reduce risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes

This free activity is for first responder families (eligibility here) with a limit of two people per registration form. You will need to bring a towel, water bottle and have closed in shoes and exercise clothes. Each participant will need to undergo a pre-screening test to ascertain any pre-existing injuries or health issues that may impact on their training. Once this is completed the trainers will have an understanding of each participants fitness level and the training program will be conducted accordingly.

Fortem is currently monitoring COVID guidelines closely and may reschedule this event and notify participants accordingly.

This is a small group activity with limited numbers. Note registration is not confirmed until Fortem sends a confirmation email. Restrictions apply in line with current COVID regulations.


Dec 02 2020


7:30 pm - 8:15 pm


No Cost


Sydney NSW, Australia


Fortem Australia Activities Team