Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop | Virtual

First responder families, join us for a mindfulness workshop. We will learn some strategies to assist with boosting wellbeing – looking at the the neuroscience of mental fitness and how to build our capacity to sustain focus and engagement in the present moment. We will also learn strategies that can be applied at home, work or school, both in times of stress and as a preventative measure to improve overall wellbeing.

It’s a great chance to learn useful mindfulness techniques to improve your wellbeing and build your mental fitness. You can spend time with your partner, child or kinship group, developing close bonds as you learn. Learning new things also boosts self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose. Mindfulness is a great way to gain perspective, increase resilience, and reduces stress. Being in the present moment has a range of benefits in building mental fitness including greater self-awareness, building adaptability, and knowing how and when to seek help.

This free wellbeing activity is for first responder families (eligibility here). The activity is suitable for adults and teenagers (minimum age 13). You can register an additional adult to attend with you. Fortem is currently monitoring COVID guidelines closely and may reschedule this event. Participants will be notified accordingly. Restrictions apply in line with current COVID regulations.

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Jul 22 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Virtual (All Regions)

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Bega Valley
Bega NSW, Australia

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Canberra ACT, Australia

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Eurobodalla, NSW, Australia

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Gold Coast
Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

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Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Northern NSW
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Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie NSW, Australia

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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West Gippsland


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