Learn to Lift Group Training | Gold Coast

This activity has unfortunately been cancelled. Please check the Wellbeing Activities Calendar for more activities in your area, or sign up for our monthly Fortem Connect newsletter to stay up for date with Fortem activities, announcements and advice. If you have any queries, please email activities @fortemaustralia.org.au

Join us for a a group training session learning to lift! In this session we will learn the the correct ways to perform five key lifts, so that we can carry them safely (literally) into our physical and mental fitness journeys. This Fortem activity can help improve and maintain a healthy level of physical activity, which can assist with building wellness and resilience, coping with stress, and is positively associated with mental fitness.

This is a great way to strengthen family / kinship group bonds, as well as to broaden your social network through connection with other first responder families. Connection is an important part of the path to mental fitness, and can take a protective role in maintaining wellbeing through increased feelings of happiness, security, belonging and self-worth. Being active helps to build resilience, and plays a major role in maintaining mental fitness. It helps us to cope with stress, gives us more energy and confidence, as well as improving mood and quality of sleep. Challenging our minds with new skills, approaches, and information can improve our knowledge and thinking skills, increasing confidence, sense of purpose, and ability to cope with stress.

This wellbeing activity is free for first responder families. Suitable for adults, minimum age 17. Fortem is currently monitoring COVID guidelines closely and may reschedule this event and notify participants accordingly.


Sep 09 2021


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Gold Coast
Gold Coast QLD, Australia


Fortem Australia Activities Team