Weekly Mindfulness, Guided Relaxation and Walk | West Gippsland

West Gippsland first responder families, start the morning with a session of relaxation and mindfulness, followed by a walk. This is a great way of calming the mind and body and being present in the moment. You will participate in 30-minutes of guided relaxation activities, where you will learn and practice mindfulness strategies. The session will be run by Fortem’s psychologist. This indoor activity will be run weekly during May, June and July, over the cold, dark and wet Gippsland months. It will be followed by a cuppa and chat, and an optional 20 minute walk in the nearby park, weather permitting.

It’s a great chance to learn useful mindfulness techniques to improve your wellbeing and build your mental fitness. You can spend time with your partner or kinship group, developing close bonds as you learn. It’s also great to connect and socialise with other local first responder families. Developing close relationships and socialising with friends, family and others, is important to build your mental fitness and boost your wellbeing.

This free wellbeing activity is for first responder families (eligibility here). The activity is suitable for adults. You can register an additional adult to attend with you. Fortem is currently monitoring COVID guidelines closely and may reschedule this event and notify participants accordingly. Restrictions apply in line with current COVID regulations.

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May 05 2021


10:45 am - 12:00 pm


West Gippsland


Fortem Australia Activities Team