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Fortem Australia during business hours

Evidence underpinning our services

Modelled on the principles of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

The wellbeing activities offered are designed to encourage social connection, which has been shown to be a determinant in building resilience and enhancing overall wellbeing.

Through encouraging social connection, our wellbeing activities also enhance individual and community preparedness for challenges – including disaster preparedness – that can accompany being a first responder.

The wellbeing program also hones in on the importance of preventative health in maintaining functioning and wellbeing throughout the first responder’s career.

Gold-standard evidence-based treatment for a broad range of psychological presentations. Provided by experienced clinicians trained in trauma-informed and culturally sensitive treatment approaches.

Fortem acknowledges that stress can impact anyone in the family unit, therefore our clinical services are also available to family members with the aim to support resilience-building and sustaining wellbeing for the whole family unit. This ultimately allows the first responder to do their job and minimise impact on family.

Our Career Management Program is underpinned by an individualised, person centred, holistic case management approach. The development of tailored services and resources was guided by evidence-based theories relating to career-planning processes, systems, transition, counselling and values-based career decision making.

Developed by clinicians with industry expertise and lived experience. Evidence-based educational information combined with accessible practical strategies to maintain and improve wellbeing, and help build insight.

Our resources are developed for first responders and their families, and are consumer driven as we strive to respond to identified gaps in available information for those who are help seeking. The resources also serve as a way to destigmatise a variety of topics central to the first responder and family experience.

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