Family Bake Off takes the cake! | Bega Valley Region Activity Wrap Up

It was the kids turn to take over the kitchen with some very special school holiday cooking classes in Bega Valley. Our first ‘Family Bake Off’ was a great success – with mini masterchefs taking the lead to create their very own Bakewell Tarts and Red Velvet cupcakes. Parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids all came together to master basic kitchen skills, and learn some fancy ones too!

The kids learnt how to make pastry from scratch – measuring, sifting, crumbling, kneading and rolling the dough to form a perfect tart crust. The mini chefs carefully cracked eggs and separated yolks from whites.

After the dough had rested, Chef Kelly taught the kids how to roll it out to fit the pie tin. Her tip was to roll out around as if the dough was a clock face; pushing the rolling pin to 12 o’clock, then to 1 o’clock, until the rolling pin had made it all the way around. This ensured that the dough was rolled out evenly.

The first responder families used dry lentils and rice to weigh down the parchment paper, ready for blind baking. One of the girls used some leftover pastry to make a little pastry friend, using the lentils and rice to give him facial features. This little mascot was aptly named ‘Lenny’.

A highlight of the class was the red velvet cupcakes – with the all important cream cheese frosting! Chef Kelly taught the kids how to ‘drive’ a Kitchen Aid. When it was time to mix the icing sugar and cream cheese, she suggested they start on a slow speed – or there would be clouds of icing sugar everywhere!

The cream cheese frosting was spooned into piping bags, and the kids practised their piping onto the benches. Then, once the cupcakes had cooled, it was time to get creative! The kids loved decorating the cupcakes with sugar flowers and smiley faces and strawberries – not to mention the incredible piping skills.

Families went home with tarts and cupcakes (and new skills) to share with their families and friends. It was such a lovely afternoon of laughter and learning, giving families the time to connect with each other over some good old fashioned baking! !

Thank you to Kelly from Eastwoods Deli and Cooking School, who helped us make this wellbeing activity a success.

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