Surf lesson and pizza for first responder families | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

On a sunny day in January, local first responder families bravely attended their first surfing lesson at Currumbin Alley on the Gold Coast. It was a great wellbeing activity that focused on connection, being active and keep learning.

Led by Surfing Services Australia, participants were sized up for rashies and foam boards. Before hitting the waves at Currumbin Alley, which is one of the best spots for learners, first the participants were taken through some land training to learn the basics and given a run down so they would know what to expect in the surf.

From there, the group all walked out together, nervous but excited. Before everyone had reached the break, one of the participants came zooming past on his first wave, as if he had been doing it for years despite only being 7 years old. Then they all started popping up one after the other. Colleagues were laughing and competing with each other while the young kids were getting a taste of the surfer lifestyle.

Eventually when the kids were too tired to surf anymore, they came back onto the sand, with the lure of pizza. Somehow they found an extra bit of energy to compete in a running race! This was followed by a pizza lunch and a fun bonus…. a lucky prize dip thanks to Goods 360.

There was so much positive feedback from participants, despite the sore muscles they didn’t know they had. Everyone is looking forward to more surfing lessons and time on the waves.

“My family & I were really grateful for the surfing lesson and family time together. Everyone loved it and got involved. The lunch provided was a bonus.”

“We had a lovely family day, it was so nice to connect with other first response families.”

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