Family Time at the Wildlife Park | Illawarra Region Activity Wrap Up

First responder families from the Illawarra region recently experienced a family day out at Symbio Wildlife Park near Helensburgh. The weather was a little wet, but this didn’t stop the families attending and spending the day out with family and friends, meeting some new people and some furry critters! It was a great way to not only be active and learn about the animals, but it also a chance to spend time as a family, exploring the park, and making connections with others.

The morning started with everyone arriving at Symbio Wildlife Park, about a half an hour north of Wollongong. As people arrived they were greeted, given a map of the park and a bag of wildlife feed, then everyone headed into the park for some family time, walking and exploring.

Hungry from exploring and seeing the animals having their treats, our families all met back at the farmyard animal picnic area for some lunch and light refreshments. It was an opportunity to chat and just hang out, and a chance to catch-up with everyone and see how their morning was going.

After lunch we continued our walk around the wildlife park. Everyone was so thankful for Fortem Australia organising the activity. “Thank you for a well organised day…..and it was a positive vibe all day. ” “Well the weather wasn’t great but we still had a great time!”

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