Finding common ground | Shoalhaven Region Activity Wrap Up

Fortem Australia recently hosted a Coffee Tasting Appreciation Workshop in the Shoalhaven area, as a great way for our first responder families to connect with a family member or someone from their kinship group, as well as other local first responder families. It was also an opportunity to learn more about a shared interest… coffee!

The afternoon started with a meet and greet, and then on to learning about ‘Blend’ and ‘Single Origin’ coffee.

Ian guided us through the tastings, who is the resident roaster and beard wearer! We were served three different brewing methods, allowing us to experience and learn the difference between single origin and blend coffees as well as the way a brewing method can affect the coffee too. The group experienced a total of six tastings.

For the tasting, the provider used their Roast For Miles Blend and their Ethiopian Guji as the beans. The brewing methods used were espresso, filter and cold brew.

Some tips and tricks!

  • Store coffee beans in an airtight container out of sunlight and do not place in the freezer, as this could cause the beans to lose their oils
  • Filtered coffee has a lot of flavour
  • Cold brew is really high in caffeine, to make you use a 1:4 ratio (coffee: water) for 24 – 48 hours in the fridge – you use ground coffee.
  • Ground coffee loses its flavour every 10 minutes once its ground

“We had a great time and learnt a lot at the Coffee Tasting Workshop. We purchased some coffee to try our hand at the cold brew which we are looking forward to doing over this weekend. Your work in organising such great events is much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Thank you to Ian and Zoe of The Bearded Brewer in Nowra for helping us to make this wellbeing activity successful.

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