First responder families seize the clay!

Do you know the difference between air dry clay and fire clay? First responder families recently came together for a workshop facilitated by Fortem that saw them learn about clay craft and produce some clay trinkets to take home to paint. It was an excellent opportunity to spend some time together and connect with other first responder families too.

Six first responder families came to The Craft Parlour on the Gold Coast, where they were greeted by some incredible artwork hanging all around the room. Great for inspiration! But the snacks table became the focal point as everyone took the chance to meet each other, and get ready for the wellbeing activity.

The tables were set with tools for each participant and they all chose their spot, met the families around them and got started. The teacher started the lesson by explaining the difference between air dry and fire clay, and gave instructions how to make the bottom of the clay trinket that the class would be making. Some participants were a bit unsure, breaking their tension and concentration with laughter. Whilst others appreciated the time to focus on the task at hand, delving into some mindfulness to create their masterpiece.

As the class went along, everyone’s pieces started coming together. You could see the confidence increase as they learnt how to work the clay. With some help from pinterest for inspiration, every participant came up with something unique and surprised even themselves with how well they all turned out. One participant even made an incense holder! After the trinkets were finished, the participants took them home to let them dry where they will be able to paint them.

It was a great way to wind down from the week and start the weekend. The group connected by laughing and learning together, giving encouragement and compliments to each other’s artworks.

“I just want to thank you for another great activity. My kids total loved it, and usually my son is not very interested in such things, but they really enjoyed their time. It was a great little bonding session with them.”

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