First responders hit the trail…

On a sunny Saturday in June, the Centenary Trail Walking Group went on another walking session from the Parliament House to Hackett with a length of approx. 12kms. Despite the winter chill, there were ten eager first responders who participated in the session. It was a great chance to connect whilst being active, and getting some great benefits from both of those activities.

From the start, it was noticed that most of the participants already knew each other from past walking sessions and could be overheard catching up on their weeks, talking about what they did at work and what was happening with family. The atmosphere was light and warm with the exchange of conversations. A few people were also new to the group, however, they easily conversed with each other. Having a route to follow, and a common goal of getting to the finishing point, helps take the awkwardness out of the activity too.

It has been raining for a few days before the session, so expectations were for a muddy trail, but the weather on the morning of the activity was very sunny and everything was dry enough. However, almost everyone was taken aback by how strong the winds were which made the breeze colder.

Commencing at the Parliament House meant the start of the walk was on a smooth path. However, it started to get rough and rocky at the base of Mount Ainslie. Due to the walking trail ranging a fair length, participants were highly active, giving their legs a work out – given that the trail included going up Mount Ainslie, as well as going down.

One participant mentioned that they were glad that this regular long walking activity was created because they enjoy going on interesting walks. Although they have not attempted this part of the trail yet, walking along familiar paths and areas created a sense of comfort which enhanced their enjoyment.

Another participant who joined the walking session mentioned that they had been on another long walk the previous day. They said, “It doesn’t matter how many times I go on walks I always enjoy getting to breathe the fresh air.” Going on walks not only means the chance to get physically active but also helps in clearing the mind – especially on this trail with sights overlooking Canberra and nature.

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