First responders impress with the perfect steak

It’s a classic – but it’s rarely done well.

Steak is notoriously difficult to master: it’s so often too rare, too dry, too tough, or cooked for far too long.

For the 32 families who attended our latest virtual cooking class, this is no longer a problem.

Alongside a top Melbourne chef, they learnt how to cook a great steak (as well as sauces and side dishes) that will have the fussiest of meat eaters asking for more.

The workshop itself was a wonderful experience: it felt like a barbecue with friends, as all the families chatted and laughed while cooking. We all shared in the mishaps – one family dropped a bowl filled with ingredients all over their kitchen floor – and the new skills, including learning to chop spring onions as fast as the chef.

And the tips they learnt were as juicy as the meat they ate together that night!

As it turns out, the trick is in the preparation. If you’ve always wanted to cook the perfect steak, here are our top two preparation tips from the workshop:

Don’t put oil in the pan. Instead, apply a small amount of oil on the steak prior to putting in your pan. 

Don’t cook a cold steak. Take the meat out of the fridge beforehand, and bring it to room temperature before cooking.