First responders take to mindfulness in specialised yoga class

Fortem was pleased to offer a session of yoga designed specifically for first responders, in partnership with Frontline Yoga.

The session, held online so that our first responder participants could attend from anywhere, was a gentle introduction to yoga. Teacher Chris was great at catering for people with injuries and varying capabilities, and always offered thoughtful modifications.

The breathing practices throughout the session really helped to connect with and be aware of their own bodies, as well as focusing participants on the present moment.

It was an active session, helping to get people moving. Even though yoga is a low impact exercise, Chris helped participants to identify an increased heart rate following some of the physically challenging yet calm movements. This was followed by guided strategies to control the heart rate.

Frontline yoga classes are trauma aware, culturally informed and suitable for anyone with chronic stress, depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Thanks to Frontline Yoga for their support of first responders and Fortem.