Fortem and KPMG partner to harness the highly skilled talent of former first responders

“After a long policing career … I had become burnt out and was suffering from PTSD. While I loved policing, I needed to make a change, not only for my own wellbeing but for that of my family,” says Myles McColl, who has since been employed in a management role with KPMG. 

It’s there he’s found a working environment that’s suited to the next stage of his career. “My previous experience and networks are a valued commodity,” he says. “KPMG takes staff wellbeing very seriously and I have been really impressed at how understanding and accommodating they have been of my condition.” 

Myles is now utilising his own transition experience to strengthen KPMG’s commitment to employ more former first responders. “Rest assured, if you decide to make the move to KPMG you’ll be as supported as much as you possibly can be to succeed in your new career.” 

Myles’s experience highlights the importance of Fortem Australia’s Transition & Employment Program, and the Pledge Partners that support this program. 

“Pledge Partners formally agree to support the first responder community into their next work, training or volunteer opportunity, and they work closely with Fortem to actively make this happen,” explains Mark Leatham, Fortem’s Corporate Partnerships Manager. 

“We are excited to be working with KPMG, who are now one of Fortem’s Pledge Partners. They will have a range of opportunities available for first responders who are transitioning into their next role through our Transition & Employment Program.” 

KPMG are pleased to formalise their support of the first responder community. “Our partnership with Fortem is an amazing opportunity to support individuals transitioning out of first responder employment both professionally and personally; it also allows KPMG staff who have made the transition themselves to stay connected and to give back,” explains KPMG’s Anthony Court, Lead Partner National Security & Justice. 

“Working with Fortem will provide us access to new and highly skilled talent who bring different experiences, opinions, and values who can work with us to achieve a common goal,” adds Dorothy Hisgrove, National Managing Partner People & Inclusion at KPMG. 

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