Fortem is excited to announce our first child Ambassador

Fortem is committed to supporting first responder families – which is why we’re thrilled to announce that our first child Ambassador has joined the team.

We are particularly proud to make this announcement during Children’s Week, an initiative that encourages us all to hear young people’s voices, and focus on their needs and achievements.

Piper Johnson recently made a speech for her school community’s Voice of Youth Festival, about her experiences as the child and grandchild of first responders. In the speech, she coined the term ‘ESKie’ – short for Emergency Service Kiddies.

“ESKies send their parents out to work with a smile on their face, love in their hearts, and strength in their bodies to keep us all safe,” Piper says in her video speech.

Having been born into an emergency service family, 12-year-old Piper knows the physical, emotional and mental strength it takes for loved ones to serve our community and what is required from their families to support them to be heroes. Families are the unsung heroes.

By being a Fortem Ambassador, Piper hopes to raise awareness and encourage a support network for all children of Emergency Service Kiddies. ESKies should allow kids to share how they feel with each other when their parent/s goes to work or if they are little late home or if they come home tired or injured. She is also hoping it opens conversations within the family unit and provides them comfort knowing there are other unique and extraordinary families like theirs.