Fortem Talks – inspired by first responder families. Meet Felicity and Gen.

Fortem’s network of Community Engagement Coordinators add real grunt to the engine that drives our work.

Many, like Felicity Grice and Gen Lindsay come to the role with lived experience in the first responder community – which adds extra heart and soul to the wellbeing activities and local relationships they create and foster.

“I get to wake up and help a community I am really passionate about,” Felicity says.

Felicity’s step dad and brother are both Queensland Police officers. She brings that awareness to her work.

“You can see it when they have had a hard day at work, and a hard day at work for them is very different to what it is for me.”

Gen who lives in regional NSW, feels the same. Her partner is a NSW Police officer.

“Everything I do with Fortem feels like an extension of my family,” she says.

“We’re bringing people together. My favourite part of the job is seeing the meaningful impact that these developing friendships actually have on people.”

Secondary trauma is also part of being connected to a first responder and inspires the work of Fortem Australia.

“I’ve definitely seen my family go through some stuff because of the first responder roles,” Felicity says.

There is so much more to this conversation, click play to join Felicity and Gen…

Community Engagement Coordinators like Felicity and Gen are at work in communities big and small along Australia’s East Coast, check out their dynamic program of weekly wellbeing activities HERE or get in touch HERE.

Fortem activities, events and community engagements are designed to support the mental fitness of our first responder families. Read more about Our Approach.
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