Fortem Talks – the Olympics bring welcome distraction to lockdown.

The wick has been lit on the Tokyo Olympics! Perhaps a welcome distraction and a shift of focus as we continue to rise the challenges of the last two years – bushfires, floods and COVID-19.

Fortem’s Sam White is one of millions of people in lockdown and is working hard on his mental fitness in these challenging times – one eye on the Olympics is now part of his ‘selfcare plan’.

Click play to hear more from Sam and get a sense of how the first responders he works with might also be feeling at this time…

In response to the current lockdowns, Fortem Australia has coordinated a number of virtual activities to keep first responder families connected, positive and healthy.

To get involved check our Wellbeing Activities Calendar, you’ll also find mental health resources in the Fortem Resource Library and via Peak Fortem. Fortem Australia also offers psychology support for eligible first responders and family members. Call 1300 33 95 94 to find out more.

For further support options and ideas when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the THIS WAY UP website. THIS WAY UP is a trusted Australian provider of evidence-based, internet therapy programs.

As a not-for-profit and joint initiative of St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of New South Wales, THIS WAY UP is working to reduce the burden of mental illness by providing accessible online treatment for anxiety disorders and related mental health conditions.

Fortem activities, events and community engagements are designed to support the mental fitness of our first responder families. Read more about Our Approach.
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