Fun at the Wake and Aqua Park for first responder families! | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

A family day at the Wake and Aqua Park in December 2020, was a great chance for Gold Coast first responder families to connect, be active and keep learning.

Participants started the day with an induction, before learning how to kneeboard. After some funny, failed attempts, some of the group bravely moved onto learning how to wakeboarding. They went around and around the lake, being pulled by the cable. If they fell off at the other side of the lake they had to do the ‘walk of shame’ all the way back to the beginning.

Both young and old were hard to get off the cable for some lunch, but it was worth it, to recharge and spend time connecting with the other families. After lunch, the group moved to the aqua park where everyone found their inner child, jumping off of giant swings and launching little brothers into the air on the trampoline. There were smiles and belly laughs in abundance!

One family said they couldn’t wait to go back again… once their muscles have recovered! A fun day was had by all.

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