Greek cooking breaks down lockdown isolation for Canberra region.

Photo from The Hellenic Odyssey Facebook page.

Connections havegrown within and between the first responder families who have joined Fortem’s virtual activities during lockdown. 

A dynamic mix of virtual activities have been keeping our first responder community learning, moving, and connecting – in tune with our ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing.’ 

Fortem’s Gen Lindsay, says the Greek cooking classes have been one of the big hits, “people have gotten to know each other, and the conversation flows freely while the cooking bubbles along. It’s been very social with a strong family feel,” she says. 

One virtual cook said taking part had inspired the family to “try new things with new people” more frequently.  

Kelly from The Hellenic Odyssey in Melbourne is passionate about her Greek heritage and brings a lot of love to the family recipes she shares with Fortem participants – not to mention her culinary skills and techniques.  

Kelly even offers the best gluten free alternatives for specific dishes, and other ways to accommodate dietary requirements so everyone can enjoy the food.  

“I am glad to be able to provide people with an outlet for social connection during lockdown, it’s paramount to maintaining our mental fitness,” Gen says. 

And the feedback speaks for itself, “We’ll be looking for more opportunities to learn together as a family” and will prioritise “more time doing things that we find calming,’ one participant said.  

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