A virtual activity that takes the biscuit! | Virtual Activity Wrap Up

Fortem has been successfully offering virtual cooking classes as a wellbeing activity for first responder families, with the most recent class focusing on Greek Easter Biscuits. These classes are a really great way to learn some new skills in the kitchen, which contributes to positive impact on your self esteem and can encourage more nutritious home cooking. It is also an opportunity to spend time with your family or kinship group, and connect and socialise (virtually) with other local first responder families. Developing close relationships and socialising with friends, family and others, is important to build your mental fitness and boost your wellbeing.

Everyone was happy to be back together to catch up and have a chat. With a few regulars attending this class, it’s great to see the familiar faces and for participants to build on connections made in previous classes. The virtual cooking activities have become a very social class, everyone popped in early for a chat and were able to discuss where we were all dialling in from. It was a great opportunity for regulars to meet some of the new first timers to the class. There was a little bit of time for a catch up and chat before Kelly, from The Hellenic Odyssey, arrived to start the class.

“Kids and I had so much fun. Will definitely participate in another. Would love another family friendly cook along.”

Whilst not everyone was sure what Greek Easter Biscuits are, everyone had a blast learning the traditional Cretan recipe for these Easter Biscuits. They also enjoyed the creative aspect of this class, being able to design their own biscuits. Participants were encouraged to be creative with their Easter Biscuit designs, whilst still learning some traditional shapes and designs.

When asked what his favourite shape was, one of the kids said that it was ‘smoosh’. When asked to show us what he meant he held up his biscuit tray and showed us a clump of biscuit dough with his hand print in it.

Everyone (even grown ups) agreed that you are never to old to eat the batter, no matter what it is that you are baking!

Some of the dough was a bit difficult to get to the right consistency as it can be very sticky. Kelly was able to talk everyone through how to add flour to the dough by first sprinkling it on the bench. Some of the designs were also a bit tricky to learn (especially the butterfly and the plait) but Kelly was able to demonstrate these a few times.

“A great cooking class – Thankyou! It might have only been an hour but it felt much longer and so nice to take some time to do something enjoyable & for me. Thanks again.”

“What I like about this virtual class is that it makes me leave work on time, I have something to go home and do with my partner. It’s good for my work-life balance.”

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