Group fitness sessions kept motivation high during lockdowns

With more than half of Australia’s population in lockdown, and with gyms and personal fitness sessions suspended across some states, Fortem provided a great way for first responders to remain active during their lunchbreak.

Four online weekly body weight sessions were held during September, led by an experienced and energetic personal trainer from Australian Viking Fitness.  

These classes encouraged participants to move their bodies, increase their heart rate and produce endorphins. They were easily accessible, as all participants needed was some space, a water bottle and internet connection. Being active during the class promoted mental health, increased positive feelings, and empowered participants to learn new exercise routines to do in their spare time, thereby increasing healthy habits.

As it was generally the same friendly faces attending every session, this consistency allowed for deeper social connections and motivation, while also providing an escape from a busy day. The group often joked about how they felt exhausted but really good after the workout, with instructor Dave setting the tone for inclusivity, positivity and an upbeat atmosphere.

It also provided an opportunity for participants to be mindful as they had to safely perform each exercise which kept them aware and grounded, ultimately allowing them to completely immerse themselves in the moment.

“I highly enjoyed the workouts and it was great to have a connection with enthusiastic people with the same goals,” said one participant.

We also extended the sessions for another four weeks to help first responders keep fit and motivated during October.