Helping First Responder Couples Build Better Relationships

We all know that relationships have their ups and downs. They take some work to keep in shape – but we don’t have to wait until things are bad to put that work in. Just like we service our cars, we can do some preventative maintenance on our relationships, too.

Our Building Better Relationships online workshop, facilitated by Relationships Australia, helped six first responder couples talk through a range of things together.

The facilitators opened up two virtual ‘rooms’, taking half the group into each for a series of breakout sessions. This meant there was more opportunity for couples to share their experiences and connect in a safe space, not only with each other but with other couples.

“It was great. The breakout rooms meant we could connect with other couples, and got us talking and sharing.”

– Participant in the Building Better Relationships workshop

With times being tough in many households, the facilitators talked about communication when tensions and stress are high, and the couples talked about the challenges unique to their relationships.

Goal-setting was a hot topic, too, with the importance of setting goals together – both long-term goals, and short-term goals like regular date nights – highlighted.

We anticipate holding similar workshops again, so keep your eyes on our Calendar page.