How to connect with loved ones while physical distancing

The ways we connect with family and friends have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to keep each other safe.

What hasn’t changed is that we still need to connect with each other.

Here are some ideas for connecting with your friends and family during this time of physical distancing.

Think about what you need

Some people need lots of social time, while others are fulfilled with just a quick chat.

Give some thought to what you need, and who you can get that time from.

Then you can set up some social contact in a way that fits with your needs, as well as within the current health guidelines.

Set up the technology

Have a chat to your friends and family about which apps they have access to, and set yourself up with those.

Some popular apps for socialising at the moment are Zoom, Messenger, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Houseparty and WhatsApp.

Of course, there are also good old phone calls and messages, as well as social media and email to keep in touch.

Open up to empathetic ears

We’re all in this together – and never has that statement been more true.

Knowing that everyone is finding some aspect of this time challenging can  make it feel safe to open up about how you’re feeling. Chat with someone you trust, and you might find they’re relieved to know they’re not alone.

Make set times

Some are busier than ever during this pandemic, while others may have some extra time on their hands. Either way, time can get away from us all and, as a result, our social lives take a bit of a hit.

Try to set regular times for catch-ups with friends, to make sure those connections actually happen.

The time for normal socialising will come again, and in the meantime there are lots of great ways to stay connected with those you love.