Illawarra Police vs Ambulance Paintball Skirmish

The Fortem team recently challenged a group of first responders from Wollongong police and Southern NSW ambulance agencies to join together for a paintball skirmish at Alpha Paintball in Stanwell Park! Teams were formed from a mix of both agencies, and participants worked together across the two agencies to find their strengths to win the challenge. It was a great way to connect and socialise with other agency members. It was also an opportunity to be active and get a few hours of fitness in while trying to dodge paintballs flying at them from across the field!

Watching everyone prepare for the day was exciting, as the overalls went on and the paintball guns were handed out, the anticipation of the battle yet to come was building. Safety instructions were detailed for all the participants. Some had never played before so it was great to watch those who were old hands help and involve the new players with the rules.

The day bought some nerves, but also positive experiences. ‘It was the first time I played paintball, I’m not sure what I was scared of most, being hit by the balls or having a leech or tick on me! Apart from those fears, it got me out of my comfort zone to try something new and it was actually a lot of fun. So much so that I adorned the ‘camo’ for a second time the following week.”

With the challenge coming to a close, there were lots of sweaty foreheads all around as well as lots of raised marks on their skin! Everyone appreciated the barbeque and snacks provided by Fortem after the challenge.

Fortem provided this day as an opportunity to connect and engage with other teammates, learn a new skill and allow for participants to take time out of the real world and engage in a fun rewarding activity. One of the players mentioned the positive impact from the wellbeing activity,

“We now have improved relationships which will improve our communication in the workplace.”

Everyone was so thankful for Fortem Australia organising the activity, it gave people a chance to chat hang around with their work colleagues and meet some new ones!

“Enjoyed working in a team with new people I hadn’t met before in an interesting environment”

Thank you to Stephen and the team at Alpha Paintball for your help and support throughout the day.

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