Making the mystery box into an amazing Italian dinner! | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

A fantastic culinary experience was the basis of this wellbeing activity, as Fortem Australia hosted an Italian Cooking Class on the Gold Coast. Our first responder families enjoyed an evening of cooking, learning some new recipes, tips and tricks in the kitchen and eating the food they had prepared and cooked. It was a great way to connect with other first responder families, whilst they enjoyed the experience and an amazing Italian dinner.

First responder families came to the Italian Cooking Class and were met with a ‘Masterchef’ style kitchen with all of their ingredients perfectly measured and placed on their tables ready to be cooked. When they saw what was on the menu for the night you could see the excitement in the room. Hosted by Icon Cookery School, our first responder families learnt how to cook a Veal Saltimbocca with Risotto Milanese, and Tiramisu.

Once everyone had met and had a chance to catch up, it was straight into cooking. Dessert before dinner is always a winner! Participants were shown how to make and assemble a classic and delicious Italian dessert, Tiramisu. Some struggled with using a whisk to beat the cream and egg whites, but everyone surprised themselves to see that they didn’t need an electric mixer to do it! After a lot of chocolate shavings and mascarpone cheese, the Tiramisu was ready to go into the fridge while they cooked the main meal.

The room was full of laughter, joy and some great smelling food. After the main was ready, they adjourned to the dining room to test out their creations. This gave them a chance to connect and spend time with work colleagues and family, eating their meals together in the dining room after the class.

It was also great to see some participants that had met at other activities connecting again and catching up. One couple bought along photos of their brand new baby goats that they had told us about at the Family Day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary activity. This was a great night to connect with family and colleagues while learning something new.

“We had a great time at the cooking class, and enjoyed trying something new. We will definitely look at further activities available.”

“Thanks for another great night, it was nice to see some of my work colleagues outside of work.”

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