“It’s cool to help people who help others”: Cohen is celebrating his 9th birthday supporting first responders

When Cohen learnt that the Canberra Marathon is happening on his upcoming 9th birthday, he decided running for Fortem Australia would be the perfect way to celebrate.

Alongside his seven-year-old brother, Keegan, the birthday boy will be taking part in the two-kilometre kids run around Old Parliament House on 10 April.

Having been to some Fortem wellbeing activities, Cohen chose to raise money for Fortem because he wants to help first responders be healthy through the amazing work they do. “It’s cool to help people who help others,” he says (and we wholeheartedly agree).

Cohen’s family talks a lot about mental health at home, so he understands that looking after your brain is an important part of staying healthy. He’s excited that the money he and Keegan raise will go towards more wellbeing activities helping first responders and their families to be well.  

“If you’re going to be anything, be kind,” is Cohen’s motto, which is why he’s excited to spend his birthday doing something thoughtful for other people.

The boys aren’t sure whether they’ll run or walk the two kilometres, but either way they’ll have their mum, Lauren, at their side.

Cohen’s goal is to “raise the most amount of money ever”, and you can support him to do that here.

Are you keen to run in Canberra this year? Register your Fortem fundraiser here.