Kayaking Experience on the Towamba River | Bega Valley Region Activity Wrap Up

Another beautiful sunny morning – perfect for a family kayaking tour. A chance for a Bega Valley region first responder family to connect away from daily distractions and to do lists whilst enjoying this wellbeing activity. Our participants got to try something new as well as be active and develop family bonds by connecting in nature.

Today, instead of heading towards the river mouth, we travelled the other way. It was the first time kayaking solo for the youngest of the family (10 years) – her kayak was hitched up to Arthur from Kiah Wilderness Tours as she learnt the basics of paddling. By the end of the tour she was paddling independently, and very proudly!

As always, we were on the lookout for wildlife. We were told to watch out for bearded water dragons basking on logs by the riverside… when our tour operator spotted one, unfortunately it was so well camouflaged we weren’t able to see it!

We soon learned that spotting particular birds required the ninja skills of speed and stealth – this was particularly true of the Azure Kingfisher. Tiny and quick, they perch in dense shrubs by the riverside – as soon as our tour operators spotted them we had to quickly and quietly paddle over (without getting too close and scaring them away). It took a few tries throughout the tour, but we finally got to see a few up close. The brilliant blue and orange of their feathers was amazing!

We also spotted a white faced heron standing by the riverside. It let us approach it before flying off. We speculated that this was a baby bird learning to fly.

The family enjoyed morning tea and a dip in the beautiful water.

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