Kidding around at the goat farm

Have you ever fed a baby goat?

If you never have, you should – it’s fun, and fun is good (to paraphrase Dr Seuss).

The bottle-feeding was one of the highlights of our family day at Currajong Common, a working Angora Goat Farm – but certainly not the only highlight.

The first thing noted was that the farm was out of phone reception, giving everyone a chance to slow down, focus on the present moment, and enjoy the family time together.

A tour of the shearing shed was insightful. Angora Goat Farmer Grant explained the ins and outs of goat farming and regenerative farming practices, which were fascinating. He also shed light on the different grades of Angora Fibre, passing around different examples of wool quality, from lowest (quite coarse) to highest (so soft, it almost felt like fairy floss!).

All the participants loved meeting the goats, all with different personalities. There was Pepper (a poddy – bottle-fed kid – with tonnes of personality and a cheeky passion for climbing), Blueberry (a tiny, quiet, reserved poddy who got her name from the blue jumper she wore when she was little), the two prized bucks in their own paddock (away from the ladies!), and Number 17 – it seems that, when you have hundreds of goats, it’s hard to name them all.

Everyone’s favourite, though, was little Buddy, who was born with a ligament issue in his front legs. This makes it difficult for him to get around, so the much-loved Buddy gets carried up and down from the bottom paddock. And finally, of course, the kids loved feeding the kids!

Thanks to Currajong Common Angora Goat Farm for their support of first responder families and Fortem.