Knot your average wellbeing activity!

A group of first responder families recently attended a macrame workshop at the Gordon Community Centre in Canberra. The benefits from participating in a group craft activity go beyond having a finished homeware to take home, it’s also a great opportunity for connecting, being mindful, helping others, and learning a new skill.

The participants gathered together to start the macrame workshop, settling in with a coffee or tea, and having some afternoon tea. Many of the participants already knew each other from previous activities so while waiting for everyone to arrive they were having a yarn about what they have done throughout the week. New attendees were welcomed too.

At the start of the workshop, participants were asked if they know what macrame is, or if they have done it before. Most participants responded no, while some have heard of it but have not tried making it.

The stands for the macrame were set up and the participants were divided into small groups, two people sharing a stand on each side. The facilitator provided step by step instructions as the workshop progressed. After the facilitator explained the steps and attended to those who required help, the other participants would often ask each other for help. Questions and discussions took place whilst they worked, but often when a participant would have trouble tying the knots, the other person in the same stand would come and help.

A participant who had tried macrame previously, but emphasised that it has been a long time since then, soon showed her talent. Her skills could be seen as she progressed faster than everyone else. Even the facilitator was pleasantly surprised by how she did it so fast, despite saying that it had been years since she has first tried macrame. A natural macrame master!

Overall, participants expressed their enjoyment at the end of the activity and as seen in the photos, the results of the macrame was great despite the majority of them only starting the activity that day.

This activity was facilitated by Annette Boyd, who regularly hosts arts and crafts workshops. Thank you for helping to make this wellbeing activity a success!

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