Making Friends with Martials Arts | Canberra Region Activity Wrap Up

Our wellbeing activities are about more than just learning a new skill or being active, they are also a great way to build social connections. During a recent Martial Arts 8 Week program in the Canberra region, it was witnessed first hand!

“I wasn’t going to come back after the first class because I was nervous and I didn’t really know anyone, but I am glad I kept coming. I actually made a friend here.”

Participants made new friends, exchanged contact details and were discussing their car pool arrangements to the next Fortem Activity. They connected regularly over the course of the 8 week program which was hosted by Dark Carnival, celebrating by ordering pizza for everyone on the final night. A few participants formed a friendship and have decided to continue with the classes together. Group classes are a great way to connect and socialise with other local first responders, to boost participants wellbeing by broadening social networks.

“I feel a lot more confident to talk to new people with common interests since participating in this activity.”

Participants learned a range of new Martial Arts disciplines including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu and a range of self-defence techniques. Martial arts are a great exercise to improve and maintain physical health, and relieve stress, for your mental fitness. Plus learning a new skill has been correlated with positive effects on well-being.

“This was a great activity, I learned a lot about how to defend myself in one on one combat, I am going to keep coming here.”

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