Making the humble vegetable the highlight! | Shoalhaven Region Activity Wrap Up

A fantastic culinary experience was the basis of this wellbeing activity, as Fortem Australia hosted a Vegetarian Cooking Class with Chef Iain from Far Meadow Table in Berry. Our participants enjoy a day of cooking, learning some new recipes, tips and tricks in the kitchen and eating the food we had prepared and cooked. It was also a great way to connect with other first responder families.

The morning started with everyone arriving to Far Meadow Table and being greeted by Jilly and Chef Iain, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee together before the cooking adventure began.

From there Chef Iain gave us a brief of the kitchen, the day’s menu and safety instructions. We put our aprons on and began our cooking workshop. Some tips that he provided to our participants:

  • Keep roots on onion when chopping, as this stops the onion from falling apart.
  • Use a wet chux cloth and place under the chopping board from moving
  • Use shallot onion instead of regular onion in salads, as this has a lighter taste

In this workshop the humble vegetable was the spotlight. We learnt various cooking methods for bringing out the true flavour of vegetables that didn’t have us wondering where the meat was! The line up of dishes included:

  • Whole roasted pumpkin with caramelised onion, goat’s cheese and rocket
  • Sauce Vierge
  • Fennel Puree
  • Cashew Nut Dressing
  • Soy Mirin Dressing
  • Raw Snickers Bar Slice

The aroma in the kitchen was incredible, with the sautéing of garlic, chilli, onion, and the roasting pumpkin.

The great thing about cooking is that its something everyone can do, it’s a relaxed environment for people to chat and share their cooking knowledge and experience.

After cooking we headed to the table, where we all sat down together and relished in the food we had just made. Everyone was so thankful for Fortem Australia organising the activity, it gave people a chance to chat and get to know each other.

Thank you to Kath for all her planning in organising the facilitation of this workshop. Gratitude also to Chef Iain and Jilly from Far Meadow Table for all that they did on the day, in welcoming us into their kitchen and creating a fun environment.

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