More than just Jiu Jitsu | Northern NSW Region Activity Wrap Up

Another great wellbeing activity for Northern NSW region first responder families, when they came together to practice their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. An opportunity to develop family bonds and be active together, as well as connecting with other local first responder families during the warm up and over coffee after the class.

Participants turned up to Flow Martial Arts on a beautiful day in Kingscliff for their monthly lesson. The families were taken through a warm-up that consisted of games that engaged the children and encouraged healthy competition.

The games did not stop, helping children work on developing their gross motor skills and bringing the adults back to the basics of movement.

The room was constantly full of laughter, especially when one of the little kids kept cleaning up the cones after the instructor would lay them out.

The wellbeing activity wrapped up with a meditation that allowed everyone (young and old) to wind down after such a fun class.

With non-stop laughter from young and old and continuous smiles, the event was wrapped up with a coffee/babychino and some morning tea at a local cafe.

Felicity, our Fortem team member in the Northern NSW region, shared this feedback:

“One Dad told me that this class has made him realise what sort of Dad he is. He said that he didn’t realise it until that day but he is the type of Dad that will do anything for his daughter no matter what. Even if that means that he has to carry her around with him during a Jiu Jitsu class. He said that he really appreciated this opportunity to bond with his daughter every month”.

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