On a roll with Ten Pin Bowling! | Canberra Region Activity Wrap Up

Ten Pin Bowling is always such a family-friendly fun activity, and our first responder families thoroughly enjoyed spending time together trying to get a strike! A great way to be active, it was also an opportunity to spend time with family and develop close family bonds, as well as connecting and socialise with other local first responder families. Developing close relationships and socialising with friends, family and others, is important to build your mental fitness and boost your wellbeing. Let’s hear from our Fortem team member, Shannon.

“Fortem held another workshop as part of the series of our social connectedness activities, this time focusing specifically on an activity that would be suitable for the school holidays… Ten Pin Bowling. Fun for all ages, many of the groups had three generations attending the event from their own family.

With Fortem families occupying half of the bowling alley with 9 lanes, it felt like we had taken over the establishment, with a noise level to match. There were smiles all around from everyone whilst setting up the lanes, with an atmosphere of healthy competition soon developing! The jovial pride came out, especially from the mums and dads who did not want to lose!

With bowling dating back as far as 3200 BC – around the same time that some of the first forms of the written word were discovered on cuneiform tablets (it’s that old!), you would think we all would know the art of bowling. Lots of the adults hadn’t bowled in many years, with the kids definitely taking the lead right from the start.

Bowling balls were originally made from wood and only in the 1960s did we start to use rubber balls. With many of the participants even finding these modern bowling balls heavy to throw down the lane, I can only imagine how difficult it would have been if they were using the original wooden balls! It was a great option for all to learn a new skill or develop an existing skill, and it helped to build confidence.

The wellbeing activity was just a fun experience that allowed bonding within the family and with other participants. With a large group, it was great to watch the participants engaging and unwinding with their own families, being able to interact without the stress of answering phone calls or checking emails. The perfect opportunity to just be present in the moment with their families.

“I loved being able to spend time with my kids, with other families.”

At the end of the activity, we all sat together as a group and enjoyed a meal of hot dogs and chips – perfect fun food for an outing of bowling in the school holidays! It was so encouraging to see families engage with each other too.

“I have made a connection with another family so I will be making time to arrange a catch-up at another time.”

While saying goodbye to the participants, all were so thankful for the opportunity to come together as a family. One of the families specifically noted that this was the first time that they had been to a fun activity together as a family in a very long time with her husband working shift hours. The gratitude and happiness from the families was the highlight of the day, and made all the noise and chaos worthwhile!

“This was my first experience and Shannon was an amazing host and made the time to talk to us and find out more about our families and tell us about Foretm. I will be going back to my agency to tell them to come along!”

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