Our Story

Fortem Australia is an independent non-profit who works directly with individuals and families from the national security and first responder communities around early intervention for good future mental health and overall wellbeing. Fortem is currently running a pilot program in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne for national security, law enforcement and first responder families.  Further programs will roll out as funding permits.

Fortem will take an integrated, proactive approach to mental health, centred around building a community of support in a trusted environment.

Fortem, Latin for brave, was established in early 2019 by the co-founders of Soldier On, John Bale and Dr Danielle Clout, along with Joanne Gonsalves and Lauren Phillips.

After working at veteran organisation Soldier On and seeing first-hand the benefits of social connection and mental wellbeing support and the positive effects on veterans and their families, it became apparent that limited independent, preventative support was available for first responders and their families and their law enforcement and national security counterparts.  Fortem was established to bridge the gap and to provide programs specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by the national security and emergency response community.