Perfect waves for beginners at the family surfing lesson | Gold Coast Region Activity Wrap Up

In late March our first responder families experienced another exciting Gold Coast wellbeing activity. The monthly family surfing lesson was an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends, learn new skills or develop existing ones, as well as a super fun way to be active.

First responder families came to Currumbin on a beautiful morning on the Gold Coast after some wild weather during the week. The water was crystal clear and the waves were a perfect size for our participants to learn the basics of how to surf during a 1.5 hour surfing lesson with Surfing Services Australia.

Young and old were excited to try this activity and be in the ocean on such an amazing morning. The first responder families were more easily able to connect and support each other when they were learning to surf because it was a small group. It was also great for developing family bonds.

“It was a great way to connect with my son doing this activity. Being a shift worker really impacts the time I get to spend with the kids on weekends and this activity was fantastic for some one-on-one time with my son whilst having fun.”

Once everyone was fitted for a rashie, they grabbed their board and headed down to do some land practice.

The waves were breaking best out the back so…out they paddled, not a frown in sight. And then, just like that up they popped one by one, everyone was a natural!

After an hour of catching waves they headed back in, shared their stories and then went off to work and school. What a great way to start their day!

“I was out of my comfort zone in doing this activity but was well supported and encouraged to get involved.”

Next Gold Coast Family Surfing Lesson in on 30th April. Find more details here.

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